The Journal Contemporary Materials has been published twice a year since 2010. 

The papers published in the scientific journal Contemporary Materials cover four scientific areas: natural, technical, biotechnical and medical sciences. The program concept of the journal is based on multidisciplinary scientific presentation of contemporary materials, their application in science, technology and industry, especially in areas such as: research of new materials; nanostructured materials; modern technologies of production of modern materials; materials with changed properties; eco and non-eco materials; biomaterials, water and nanomedicine; application of modern materials in technology, mechanical, textile and electrical industry, agriculture, construction, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy ...; materials for nutrition and storage of foodstuff; packaging materials (packaging); recycled materials and the problem of waste; standardization and characterization of materials; systematization of quality and control of usability of materials; improvement of life using contemporary materials; other issues related to modern materials.

All works are subject to review, and only original scientific, brief, professional and reviewed works are published. The papers are sent electronically to the address: jcm@anurs.org.

ISSN 1986-8669 (Print)
ISSN 1986-8677 (Online)
DOI: 10.725
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  • Contemporary Materials II−2 (2011)
  • Contemporary Materials II−1 (2011)
  • Contemporary Materials I−2 (2010)
  • Contemporary Materials I−1 (2010)
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